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Our Guarantee:
Your plants are guaranteed to be true to name and healthy when shipped. If your plants do not arrive intact and cannot be restored, then we will replace them (minus the shipping charge).

Your plants may vary in size depending on the time in the season and growth stage when shipped.

"Just wanted to let you know I ordered several herbs a couple of months ago and they are doing great. I was quite surprised because they were so inexpensive I expected a sickly looking plant, but they all arrived looking well and I planted as per your instruction. This is my first attempt at growing anything and have recently became interested in herbal remedies which led me to growing my own. I will have to send a before and after picture once everything starts blooming, that is if it's still doing well. The only thing I have had a problem with is the rosemary and lavender, I don't think they like the humidity in Florida, but aside from that I wanted to let you know I was very impressed and look foward to ordering more as my garden grows :) (anise hyssop, bergamot, lemon balm, chamomile, yarrow, purple coneflower, lavender, rosemary, silver thyme, feverfew)."
   — Karen Roiz, Florida (May 2003)