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How are my plants shipped?
Your plants are shipped in special lightweight packaging that conserves moisture and discourages the growth of mold.
My plants look wilted, what should I do?
If your plants look wilted when they arrived, and the soil is very dry to the touch, then immerse the entire plant, soil and all, in a container with water for about an hour. If the plants looks less wilted afterward, then proceed to transplant.
What is the Herbs For Less guarantee?
Your plants are guaranteed to be true to name and healthy when shipped. They are guaranteed to arrive at your home or post office safely or we will replace or refund plants that are not acceptable to you. For more details check the Herbs For Less Customer Satisfaction Guarantee.
How safe is it to order online at Herbs For Less?
Order with confidence on our SafeSecure™ online ordering system. Our shopping cart system is protected from criminals. When you submit your order on our secure server, an impenetrable electronic security wall prevents any unauthorized interception of your credit card information, all the way from your computer to ours.
dot Check the status of your order
When you order online, it takes 1-3 business days for us to process it.
Depending your location and the season, your order may ship within 1-2 weeks or it may be held in queue until the next shipping season. The shipping season is from April to October.
You can check the status of your order online.
You will need your order number. Check your order status at the Online Order Status page.
dot Report problems with your order
Plants didn't arrive safely? Need to adjust your order?
We'll replace or refund plants if you are not happy them. Or if you have any other concerns, or need to make changes to an existing order, use our Online Problem Form to report your problem, concerns or changes to our customer care specialists.
dot Your feedback
Let us know how your Herbs For Less did.
We love to hear about your experiences with our herbs. Let us know how they grew for you and how you use them. Tell what you think about our website or any other aspect of doing business with Herbs for Less. Or, send us your suggestions for making Herbs For Less even better. Use the Online Feedback Form to send us your comments.